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(Thursday 26 August 2010) by Vicky Papadopoulos
Well, I've made it here in Rome! It is approximately 3:15 pm here and I am at the absolutely GORGEOUS St. John's campus on Via Marcantonio Colonna. It is a beautiful day (hot - 95 F, 20C). My flight was good - slept for probably 2 hours, watched a movie, read, and listened to music most of the time. It was a little bumpy but overall fine. Everything after the flight went smoothly; got my luggage okay, met with the SJ rep Domenico almost immediately after (with an additional 30 or so other students), made sure I got my first cappuccino in the airport, rode the bus into the city, and settled in nicely. I've met tons of new people already, and made friends with these two girls from Wagner College in Staten Island, NY. Unfortunately they live on the opposite side of the hallway, but never fear, I met a girl from UF whose room is close to mine and talks nonstop. It can get a little annoying at times but I can already tell we're going to be good friends. We've already talked about places we want to go while we're here and travel trips on the weekends. I'm so excited!

The campus is phenomenal. It's a 4 story building, with the first two floors dedicated to administration stuff, and the 3rd and 4th floors acting as dorms for the guys and girls, respectively. There is a courtyard in the back where they are having the welcome dinner tonight. It fits into the Italian style of buildings so well that if it didn't have the St. John's flag outside of it, I would have never guessed it was a college building - high roofs, soft colors, and marble everywhere. In the reception area there is a HUGE map that covers the entire wall, with a big red "you are here" at Via M. Colonna. So basically what we do is look at that map before we go anywhere, figure out where we want to go, memorize it, and go to that destination. I haven't met my roommate yet, because I'm pretty sure she was in the second group of people arriving today (one bus left at 11, another left at 3) but my room is so cool. It overlooks the Italian streets and sidewalks, which although may not be as awesome as overlooking St. Peter's, it is still awesome purely because it's Italy. As soon as I got settled into the room, I knew I wanted to explore. So I grabbed the UF girl (name: Nicky) and another girl Ligia from St. John's, and we started down the stairs in pursuit of adventure. We ran into three other girls from St. John's, so they tagged along too. We walked a few blocks and across a bridge over to Piazza del Popolo, where the 3 girls stopped at a restaurant to eat lunch. My two friends and I continued all the way from Piazza del Popolo to Piazza di Spagnia, where I grabbed an amazingly delicious 2-euro omelette panini and 1.50 bottle of water.

Basically, right now I am in heaven. We have a few more hours until dinner time, so I'm going to rest, shower, and unpack everything while I wait for my roommate. Tomorrow is Orientation, where we get all the paperwork completed and necessary housekeeping out of the way. After that, more exploring until classes start the 30th.

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I'm so excited for this semester.


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